"I feel a storm coming. My bones ache."
— Amaruq in Spirits in the Stars, page 262
Book Appearances

Amaruq (ah-mah-ruk) is an old male flat-face.[1]


The Original Series

Spirits in the Stars

Amaruq is one of the people in the igloo that Eva takes Ujurak to.  Amaruq complains that his bones ache and says that he feels a storm coming. When the man next to him tells Amaruq that his bones always ache, Amaruq responds that there are also storms and that he hopes they are sheltered enough in the ridge.


"And there are always storms. I hope we're sheltered enough, here below the ridge."
- Amaruq worrying about the weather, Spirits in the Stars, page 262.


  1. Revealed

    in Spirits in the Stars, page 262

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