Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox 2

Other Names
White fox, Polar fox, Snow Fox
Vulpes Lagopus, formerly known as Alopex Lagopus
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Primarily meat, but they will eat berries and vegetation if pushed to extreme circumstances.

Arctic foxes are a type of fox. They are also known as polar foxes, snow foxes or white foxes. They have white fur in the winter so they can camouflage against the snow; and brown-gray fur when the whether changes to blend in with their surroundings.

Arctic foxes will trail polar bears and eat prey left behind, as seen in The Quest Begins.


Arctic foxes are mainly carnivorous, eating rodents, owls, bird eggs and carcasses left by polar bears. They wil also eat fruit, berries and young ringed seals when they are helpless in their sn
ow dens. They also prey on arctic birds. They will lie in wait for the fledging young birds to land or fall to the ground as they try to fly, and then kill and eat the unsuspecting fledglings.


Arctic foxes are known to mate from September to May. Their gestation period is usually about 50 days. Arctic foxes on average have 5-8 kits in a litter, but they can have up to 25 kits in one litter. Once the kits are born, males will take care of the female and kits, and arctic foxes of earlier litters may stay to help take care of younger kits in their family.



Seekers: The Original Series

The Quest Begins

Kallik befriends an arctic fox on her way to Great Bear Lake. The arctic fox eats scraps of the prey Kallik catches; as many arctic foxes do. The arctic fox returns the favor by catching prey for Kallik once.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

Island of Shadows

Yakone catches an arctic fox for the bears to eat.

The Melting Sea

Kallik mentions to Toklo that she was friends with an arctic fox.

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