The Bear Tree

The Bear Tree

Bear Term
The Bear Tree
Human Term
The Bear Tree is a tree in the Black Bear area of the Bear Bowl. It is the tallest tree in the bowl, and for that reason, bears often climb the tree. Lusa used it to see other parts of the zoo and to practice climbing.

The Legend

The legend is about a bear named Old Bear who always sat next to his favorite tree. One day, while sleeping next to the tree, he died. When the flat-faces took his body away, his spirit roamed the bowl until it finally settled inside the Bear Tree, causing a new pattern to form in the shape of a bear's face. Now all trees have the spirits of black bears that have died. This legend is only believed by black bears.


Seekers: The Original Series

The Quest Begins

The Bear Tree is a tree in the Bear Bowl. Stella tells Lusa of the legend, and Lusa sees a shape of a bear's face in the bark. Lusa climbs the tree.