Other names
Canis Lupus

Dogs are domestic animals often seen in the Seekers series.

General Infomation

Dogs are closely related to wolves, foxes and coyotes. They can have many different appearances, since there are many different types of dogs.  Dogs can be small or large, with long or short tails, pointed or floppy ears, and thin or thick fur which can be black, brown, white, cream, gray or mixed in color.


Seekers: The Original Series

The Quest Begins

When Toklo helps Ujurak escape from the hunters, they jump into a river so the hunters' dogs can't follow their scent.

Great Bear Lake

When Lusa tries to get food from a flat-face trash can, a dog comes out when the lid flies off the can, making a noise.

Another kind of dog

The Last Wilderness

Ujurak-flat-face finds Maria and her pet dog Piper. Piper is confused by Ujurak's scent, as he is a shape-shifter.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

Two dogs come out of a flat-face den when Lusa tries to get food from a trash-can. They injure
Ujurak dog
her, tearing her ear, but Ujurak comes in form of a "brown dog with long thin ears" and saves her.

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