"Go and catch your own! It's not that hard! Don't you think you can do it?"
— Fochik to Aylen in The Quest Begins, pages 249-250

300101 l

Sister: Aylen
Mother: Unnamed she-bear
Book Appearance

Fochik (fo-chic) is a male grizzly bear cub.[1]


The Original Series

The Quest Begins

His mother is trying to teach Aylen and Fochik how to fight. Instead, they're both playing around until their mother commands them to stop. The two cubs then try to fish salmon, but Aylen is too slow.
When Fochik attempts to catch a salmon, he manages to get one. He stows it between a rock, going back to hunt some more. Aylen and their mother chase after Toklo when they realize that he stole the fish. He is not seen again.


  • Fochik's name means "celestial stars" in Chickasaw.[2]
  • Vicky has hinted that Fochik may appear in future books when someone asked her what happened to him and Aylen.[3]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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