"Well, I would, but I've got a cramp in one hind leg."
— Hattack to his companion, in Great Bear Lake, page 219

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Hattack (hat-tack) is a male grizzly bear cub.[1]


The Original Series

Great Bear Lake

Hattack is a grizzly bear cub who appears at the gathering at Great Bear Lake. His companion thinks that Hattack should swim to Pawprint Island because Hattack claimed that he can swim well, but Hattack claims that he has a cramp in his leg. His companion teases that he's scared, but Hattack protests, saying that it was true.

Return to the Wild

The Longest Day

Hattack is jealous and angry at Toklo for swimming to the island last suncircle. He acts like he wants to be the leader, but Toklo thinks it wasn't Hattack's plan at all...


  1. Revealed

    in Great Bear Lake, page 219

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