Other Names
Equus Ferus Caballus
Conservation Status
No information

Horses are creatures that can be found in the wild, but are often owned by humans.


Seekers Manga

Toklo's Story

Toklo and Tobi chase and race horses, who they call "long legs".

General Infomation

They have angular faces, pointed ears, long skinny legs, and manes and tails made of hair. Their coats can be many different colors and patterns.
Different horse genders and ages have different names, as shown below:
Foal - a young horse under the age of one.
Yearling - a horse aged between one and two.
Filly - A female horse under the age of four.
Colt - A male horse under the age of four.
Mare - a female horse over the age of four.
Stallion - a male horse over the age of four.
Gelding - a castrated male horse of any age.
In the wild, groups are called herds, with one lead stallion with only mares, foals, fillies and colts. The Colts leave when they are the age to make a herd of their own.

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