Kate Cary


Date of Birth
November 4, 1967
House location
Two cats: Flower and Miu-Miu
Books Written
Warriors: Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, Rising Storm, Dawn, The Sight, Dark River, Firestar's Quest, Bluestar's Prophecy
Seekers: River of Lost Bears
Books Planned
Warriors: Dawn of the Clans - The First Battle

Kate Cary is one of the authors under the pen name of Erin Hunter, who has written the Warriors and Seekers series. At the moment, she lives in England with her two cats, Flower and Miu-Miu. She has her own blog.




  • Into the Wild
  • Fire and Ice
  • Rising Storm
  • Dawn
  • The Sight
  • Dark River
  • Firestar's Quest
  • Bluestar's Prophecy
  • Crookedstar's Promise
  • Fading Echoes
  • Night Whispers
  • The Last Hope
  • The First Battle


  • Bloodline
  • Sign of Love: Love Match


Kate Cary was born on November 4, 1967 in England, outside of Birmingham. She studied history of witchcraft, madness, and women at the Royal Holloway College, London University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in 1989 and a Master of Arts degree (MA) in 1992. She then moved to Scotland, living there for 12 years in the woods, and started writing there. In 1997, she had a son, named Josh. In 2004, she moved back to England, and is now currently residing in a city in the north of England.


  • Kate Cary uses Warriors Wiki for reference when writing.[1]


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