"Maybe one day you will. But there's more than strength to being a good bear. Never forget that the spirits of your ancestors are watching you all the time from inside the trees."
— King's Mother to King and his sister in Spirits in the Stars, page 237
King's Mother

[[Image:Chenoa's mom|220px]]

Son: King
Daughter-in-law: Ashia
Daughter: Unnamed she-cub
Granddaughter: Lusa
Book Appearance:

King's Mother is an unnamed black she-bear.[1]


The Original Series

Spirits in the Stars

In a dream, Lusa is in a warm forest, and she hears cubs and a female bear ahead. She watches King's mother and the two cubs playing, and thinks that one looks familar. Arcturus tells her that the male cub is her father, King.
King boasts how one day he will be the biggest and strongest bear in the forest, and his mother says that maybe he will, and reminds him to never forget the bear spirits watching him in the trees. King and his sister go up to a tree, yelling if the bear spirit inside it can hear them. King asks it to come out and play, and his sister tells him it'll be stuck in there forever. King's mother cuffs each cub over the ears, telling to not be so disrespectful. King and his sister talk about what trees they want to be, and King waves his paws like tree branches, and his mother laughs, saying that a big tree is falling.

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  1. Revealed

    in Spirits in the Stars, page 236

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