No-Claw Rescue Center
Bear Term
No-claw Rescue Center
Human term
Not specified
Book Appearences

The No-Claw Rescue Center is a building where humans take injured, lost or sick polar bears so they can cure them and/or take them back to Hudson Bay.

The humans there will also put a strange substance on the fur of orphaned/abandoned cubs and put them with females that have lost their cubs in hope that the female will either adopt the cub as her own or think it is her cub.


Seekers: The Original Series

The Quest Begins

Kallik is found and taken to the no-claw rescue centre when humans find her alone since her mother, Nisa, was killed by orcas. Humans rub a strange substance on her fur and put her in a cage with Nanuk, a she-bear that lost her cubs in hope that she would think that Kallik was her cub and take care of her.
They begin to take them to Hudson Bay via a metal bird, but something goes wrong and the metal bird plunges to the ground, killing Nanuk.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

The travelling bears come across the no-claw rescue center. Lusa goes onto the blackpath in the way of a firebeast, and it crashes into the building to avoid running her over. The impact sends the building up in flames, and the bears rescue Shila, a polar bear who was in the firebeast. They try to help two male polar bears out of a cage, but can't. Luckily, Ujurak comes in form of a human, and opens the door before vanishing into the flames.

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