Polar Bear

Daughter: Shila
Sons: Tonraq, Pakak
Book Appearance

Sakari (sa-kari) is a large,[1] female polar bear.[2]


Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

Sakari is driven out of her den by Salik and his gang. She sends Shila away to find better hunting. She later finds a new den, and Lusa starts investigating it. She finds a hole and looks in, only to be attacked by Sakari, who is shocked by Lusa, as white bears living on the melting sea had never seen or heard of black bears. Sakari is reunited with Shila, and greets Toklo, Kallik, Yakone and Lusa, though she shows hostility towards Taqqiq.
When Lusa suggests Toklo teaching the polar bears battle moves in order to defeat Salik, Sakari invites several bears to learn.  She is a quick learner.  
She and Lusa hide in the rebuilt den while Taqqiq pretends to rejoin his friends, leading them into a trap. Sakari is a good fighter, and invited Kallik, Yakone and Taqqiq to join their family. Kallik and Yakone tell her they will return later, but Taqqiq joins, having formed a bond with Shila.


  • She told Kallik in The Melting Sea that she knew Nisa and was sad to know she died.[3]
  • Sakari's names means 'sweet' in Inuktitut.[4]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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