Other Names
Gull, Herring Gull, Smithsonian Gull
Possibly Larus Smithsonianus
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Diet Type

Seagulls are a type of bird that live near near bodies of water.


Seekers:The Original Series

Smoke Mountain

When the bears are going to Smoke Mountain, they need to cross The Big River. Ujurak scouts ahead in the form of a seagull.

Fire in the Sky

When the Seekers are travelling to the endless ice, a seagull continually pecks them.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

Island of Shadows

Lusa sees a seagull hovering between a gap between two boulders, and believes that it is Ujurak telling them where to go.
Also, a seagull directs them to a seal hole, and Kallik and Lusa think that it was Ujurak again.

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