Gray squirrel

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Sciurus griseus

Squirrels are small rodents that usually have bushy tails.


Squirrels climb trees and are herbivores, feeding on fruits and nuts, but are particually known for their love of acorns. The most common color of squirrel is gray, but red, black and white squirrels are known. Gray squirrels are the kind of squirrel that appear in the Seekers series. Gray squirrels' numbers are rapidly growing, and unfortunantly extermination is needed to keep them down. Grizzly and black bears in the Seekers Series often prey on them, and sometimes polar bears will too, if pushed to extreme circumstances.


Seekers: The Original Series

Smoke Mountain

When the bears are in some bushes, a squirrel comes really close to Toklo, looking closely at him, and he thinks it is Ujurak. Taqqiq then kills the squirrel, causing Toklo to panic. But then Ujurak appears, and Taqqiq is confused and angry at why Toklo thought the squirrel was a bear.

The Last Wilderness

Squirrels are a main food source for Toklo, Ujurak, Kallik and Lusa when they travel to the Place of Everlasting Ice.


Left to Right: White Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Black Squirrel.

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