"A long time ago, this whole land was covered in forest, and bears roamed freely wherever they wanted to go."
— Stella to Lusa and Yogi in The Quest Begins, page 26
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Stella (stell-a) is a female adult Cinnamon black bear with reddish brown fur.[1]


Seekers Manga

Lusa's Tale

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The Original Series

The Quest Begins

Stella lives in the Bear Bowl with the other black bears. She was originally from another zoo. Lusa and Yogi often asked her questions about many things, including legends. One of the legends she told to them was the history of the Bear Tree.
When Ashia got sick, Stella comforted Lusa. Lusa asks Stella about animals she saw when she climbed the Bear Tree. Lusa constantly asked her about the wild which Stella didn't know all answers about.

Smoke Mountain

After Lusa was injured by a firebeast, she had a dream in which Stella and the other bears in the Bear Bowl appear.


  • Even though Stella's fur is cinnamon colored, she is shown on the cover of Lusa's Tale as black.[2]


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