"It is the spirit of a very bad bear - a bear who did terrible things. As a punishment, it was imprisoned in the coldest and most lonely place the spirits could find. It's all alone up there... like me."
— Oka about The Lonely Bear, in The Quest Begins, Page 233
The Lonely Bear


Grizzly Bear
The Great Bear (by all bears)
Arcturus (by Black Bears and some Grizzlies)
Ursa (by Ujurak)
Silaluk (by Polar Bears

The Lonely Bear is a grizzly bear. He is a star in the sky.[1]


The Original Series

The Quest Begins

Oka tells Toklo that the Lonely Bear is trapped in the sky as the other stars dance around it, teasing him.

Fire in the Sky

The Lonely Bear appears to Toklo in a dream.  He tells Toklo of the dangers to come and says  that one of the Seeker bears will die.


  • To black bears and other grizzlies, he is known as "Arcturus",[2] and he is known as "Silaluk" to polar bears.[3] Ujurak knows him as 'Ursa', or simply, "mother."[4]


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