The Longest Day

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Bear Term
The Longest Day
Human Term
The Summer Solstice
Day Celebrated
June 21st

The Longest Day is the last day of Summer.

Polar bears celebrate it because they think from that day forth, the ice will begin to return, until burn-sky comes again and the ice leaves.

The grizzly bears celebrate it because it is the day Arcturus went to Paw Print Island.

The black bears celebrate it because it is the day that the berries grow plentifully.


Seekers:The Original Series

Great Bear Lake (Book)

The Longest Day is mentioned and celebrated in this book.
Toklo, Ujurak, Lusa and Kallik go to Great Bear Lake where it is celebrated, and partly take place in the celebrations. Kallik finds her brother, Taqqiq, there.

Named Attendents of the Longest Day

Polar Bears
Grizzly Bears
Black Bears

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