"The oil under our land won't last forever. What will happen to us when it runs out? What will we eat, when the caribou no longer migrate past our village? Our ancient ways will be forgotten."
— Tiinchuu in The Last Wilderness, page 152
Book Appearances

Tiinchuu (tin-chew) is an old,[1] broad shouldered[2] male human with a weathered face,[3] strong, square hands,[4] and long, braided gray hair.[5]  He is the healer of the Caribou Valley.[6]


The Original Series

The Last Wilderness

Tiinchuu heals Ujurak after he swallows a fish hook.
Tiinchuu seems to know that Ujurak was a bear the whole time.
When the oil drillers come, Tiinchuu protests and tells them that the tribe doesn't want the land to be drilled for oil. He is not mentioned again.



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