• Birdyrox67

    Kallik and Yakone?

    February 2, 2013 by Birdyrox67

    They both have crushes on each other, so you think they might become mates?

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  • Birdyrox67
    • In The melting sea there have been 3 times white males mentioned:

    Tartok and Olikpok

    The two males stuck in the fire.

    The two males hanging from the "metal bird"

    • Also, 2 times in the book polar bear cubs are mentioned.

    Akna's cubs.

    Shila's brothers.

    Also, all 4 cubs seem to have a good relationship with lusa.

    • Question: Do the seekrs bears ever hibernate? It may make the book go slow, but just wondering. Usually bears hibernate during winter, and even other bears dont hibernate in the book.
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    Funny moments

    December 6, 2012 by Birdyrox67

    Although Seekers isn't really a humor book, some parts are humorous.

    In Page 69-70 in Seekers: Return to the wild: The melting sea

    Ehh i forgot the rest.

    I'll edit it if i find more.

    I dont have the page, but if you have the melting sea, you'll know this part.

    Lua is dreaming about being in a forest and she enjoys the warmth. Then she says:

    If i'm in the forest, then why are my paws and nose still freezing?

    Then she's back in the melting sea, to the sight of kallik waking her up.


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    I think that bear that tried to kill Toklo in The quest begins will apear, and also, who's on the cover? In every book the bear on the cover always effects the story.

    He may be Tobi, bt im not sure >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    I remember in the book Somke mountain Lusa and Kallik were talking about Black and white bears. Have they found out about the panda bear? And what will happen if the meet the sun bear? or the specteled bear?

    Explain your theories.

    I have one theory to share.

    The seekrs bears will try to find out about the panda bear and probably add one of them to the group. Then Lusa will be happy to have another bear eat only plants. She'll also probably love to try bamboo. Then the seekrs bears will have another problem on their hands: save pandas from extinction.

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