I was wondering, if there was a movie for Seekers, would it be based on exactly what happens in the books or would it be a completely different story. Also, how many movies would be released? One for each book? or group several into one movie?
My idea:
Movies Name: Books it's based on:
Seekers: The Quest Begins - The Quest Begins, Great Bear Lake, Smoke Mountain, Toklo's Story, Kallik's Adventure, Lusa's Tale (After credits showing them looking off the ridge into The Last Great Wilderness. They start running down the ridge.)
Seekers: Spirits in the Stars - The Last Wilderness, Fire In the Sky, Spirits in the Stars (After credits showing the bears talking about what to do next. Yakone asks to join them and they walk off as the screen fades.)
Seekers: Return To The Wild - Island of Shadows, The Melting Sea, River of Lost Bears (I don't know what happens after.)

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